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🔗🖥Me and Venti
Date:        18/06/24         
Moon's thoughts: Ouh... I'm so sorry for being busy, Venti~ But here's your art! Completed in just under 2 hours, hehe... Happy birthday to you, Venven, may you eat many, many apples in the future~!! Share some with Moonie too, please... If you want...

🔗🖥Me and Kabukimono
Date:        15/06/24         
Moon's thoughts: waaaah... I love cosplaying!! hehe... 2 hour long doodle... whaaa!?!? anyways, just a silly sketch... and don't ship or think anything weird please :( it's just a cute drawing, reminder that not all blushing is romantical!! hehe maybe I should draw more! Oh well~ Ohh, maybe a birthday art for Venti... mwahaha I know what to do now !!

🔗🖥Me and Kabukimono
Date:        12/06/24         
Moon's thoughts: Ahhh, if time travel existed in Teyvat, Traveler Moon would go back in time and prevent Kabuki from becoming emo, ever!!! She would love him and love him and love him and... Chew on his hair. They'd be the best of siblings~~ So cute! Anyways, just a lil doodle hehe.. (=,C maybe really lazy too... But I've always wondered why he had dirt on him in that scene when he came into the hut... It looks like he was fighting the fruit and got bruised...

🔗🖥Me, Wanderer, and Nahida
Date:        11/06/24         
Moon's thoughts: Traveler Moon would definitely learn idles... I already learned Hu Tao, Yae Miko, Yoimiya, and Barbara's idles.. Why not expand my collection mwahahah!!! (>ω^) This took three hours... Wahhh~ Too long... I need to pump out art soon before my birthday hehe... But my birthday makes a cute scenario of it being celebrated in Teyvat~ ouhhh who am I kidding, Traveler Moon would NEVER tell anyone her birthday hehe even Paimon...

Date:        08/05/24         
Moon's thoughts: Flight Practice, 10 pictures taken moments before disaster......... Another small doodle I made admist yesterday's play! Flight practice Moon, doodoodooooo... Before Teyvat, she barely used her wings, tho now she needs to learn to glide.... I wonder who's holding the Kamera... Probably Paimon... :3

🔗🖥Me and Wanderer
Date:        07/05/24         
Moon's thoughts: Even bratty, emo, nonhuman hat guys can get overworked from the Akademiya. Moon therapy is best therapy!!! (next to Nahida therapy, which is forever 1st!) But anyways, I wanted to draw something cute with me and Wanwan again 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 giggle giggle... I'll draw me with someone else soon, probably!!
P.S: no, you may not smash. you know who you are. Moon will never forget you.

Date:        04/05/24         
Moon's thoughts: Look... I love Wanderer and Scaramouche/Kunikuzushi and Kuronushi... but... Kabukimeow solos!!!! (//ε//) (this is a joke I love all his emo phases equally please don't attack the Moonie) Anyway, look!! She hasn't digital shading, colouring, etc. in a long time so everything's kinda sloppy... This is also my first time drawing (not doodling) Scarameow on digital~ ahhh...

🔗🖥Kazuha and Heizou
Date:        27/04/24         
Moon's thoughts: I've always imagined them being a group in a modern AU to be choatic as hell... And honestly Moon loves how this turned out hehehehe!!! (First time drawing Kazuha nonchibi... No reference...)

🔗🖥Me, Paimon, and Scaramouche
Date:        27/04/24         
Moon's thoughts: Ever since Scara/Kuni met the Traveller and Paimon... He doesn't sleep much, for a good reason. (First time drawing Scaramouche~! Text on top: "What Scara/Kuni dreams of after meeting Traveller & Paimon:")

🔗🖥Me and Xiao
Date:        17/04/24         
Moon's thoughts: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Xiaoxiao... Happy birthday to you~ May you smile for many years to come! (First time drawing him without reference, I hope it's okkk... T0T)

🔗🖥Rebecca Chambers
Date:        23/09/23         
Moon's thoughts: REBECCA CHAMBERS!!! She's soooooo so sooo me (/▽\*)。o I hope... She looks... Recognisable kkkkkkk

Date:        23/09/23         
Moon's thoughts: I decided to draw a tiny bit of my feelings! Just two monsters wailing and hurt :D I have also drawn these on the same day, but I didn't want to put this with the wholesome art lol I have drawn a dog and dragon after this too ! I might post it, might not o(>< )o

🔗🖥Me and Wesker
Date:        23/09/23         
Moon's thoughts: My sona and chibi Wesker!! This time, I wanted to merge my chibi and anime art style into a holy mix breed of cuteness ! Hehe, I swear I have an enlarged picture of tiny Wesker alone, but I can't find it (⇀‸↼) I'll update here when I find it

🔗🖥Jill Valentine
Date:        21/09/23         
Moon's thoughts: GUESS WHO DREW JILL VALENTINE!!! (ω) Aaa, my Resident Evil phase is soooo huge!! I really like the shading on her hair, only thing is, I don't know if she looks recognisable either :(

🔗🖥Albert Wesker
Date:        26/08/23         
Moon's thoughts: I tried to draw Wesker in @psmhbiuczn's artstyle. I really like how they draw, it's so neat and sharp! I hope it looks good, because I really don't know if he looks recognisable or not. ( ω )

🔗🖥Pop Art
Date:        17/07/23         
Moon's thoughts: The Art teacher wanted us to draw pop art for an assignment, so I decided to do Albert Wesker! I think I could do better, but I love it o(>ω<)o I'm not good at colouring traditional art, especially with markers, oil pastels, and a cotton ball, but yippie

Date:        20/06/23         
Moon's thoughts: I did this for my BFF! I don't remember what exactly was the thing, but I think it was that who can draw stars the best, so I did this to prove them wrong... Fufufufufu

Date:        24/08/22         
Moon's thoughts: I just found this in the camera roll! I honestly forgot it even existed! But now I remember being sooo proud of it, I wasn't very happy about the shading but I liked the lineart and fire!

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